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Your Crypto DNA: what type of crypto investor are you?



Tell us which crypto strategy you’d like to adopt, and we’ll tell you which crypto investor you are.

First-time investor? HODLer at heart? Crypto gem hunter? There are many categories, and you may belong to more than one of them.

Find out which statuses are most like you.

1/ The beginner crypto investor

Beginner is not necessarily a pejorative term – you have to start somewhere, after all. As you’d expect, the beginning crypto investor doesn’t really know where to start, but felt it was right to invest in crypto at some point.

If you find yourself in this beginner category, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on crypto-related topics and the surrounding news, not least to build your Wallet as well as possible.

2/ The Crypto Early investor

In a similar style to its predecessor, Crypto Early comes at an interesting time in the development of a crypto or technology.

Although he’s aware of the risks and potential stakes involved, this doesn’t mean he won’t take the risk of becoming involved in the project ecosystem.


3/ The crypto expert

The expert crypto investor stands out here because he’s more or less in tune with one ecosystem or another, such as NFT, DeFi or play-to-earn games.

Always on the lookout for the latest projects, he is the reference in the field. But beware: it can be difficult to keep up with him, as he’s always a thousand trains ahead.

4/ The “trader” profile

The crypto trader is a trader all in all who manages his assets in a similar way, even digitally. They know the market and its risks, and prefer to invest for the long term.

5/ The gem tracker

Once gold hunters, gem trackers search the top crypto lists for tomorrow’s nuggets. The idea being that there are so many crypto projects springing up every day, why not take advantage of a potential hype.

The crypto tracker will bet on the period during which the nugget found will increase in value. He will take care to resell everything before the price drops. Bonus to see if you’re a gem hunter: try to list more than 50 crypto projects.

6/ The famous crypto investor HODLer

The aim of a HODLer is to maximize the capital gain realized on the sale of his cryptos. However, he’s in no hurry to sell his assets immediately.

HODLers will tend to bet initially on stablecoins or bitcoins, the anchors of the good investor.

crypto investor HODLer

7/ A Whale

The Whale is an old hand in trading and investment. He has earned his reputation and wealth of crypto knowledge through his previous investments. Whatever the method, what counts is his sharp opinion on the matter.


8/ Satoshi’s fans aka the Bitcoin Maximalists

A final category concerns the natives of the first hour, those who followed and continue today to keep the myth alive regarding Satoshi.

Behind the one whose identity we don’t seem to know, we find Bitcoin, the mother crypto among all cryptos, and on which, the purists of the first hour support the movement of decentralization and blockchain technology.

The aim of this article is first and foremost to simplify the technical concepts associated with crypto-currencies, in order to make them accessible to everyone. These comments are solely those of the author. It is not intended as investment advice.

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