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9 crypto AI projects that will transform blockchain and AI-powered models

Image montrant la terre avec le futur en arrière-plan, symbolisant la combinaison de la technologie blockchain et de l'Intelligence Artificielle dans les projets de crypto-monnaie.


Ocean Protocol, Exec RLC, Cortex, Fetch.ai…etc, crypto AI crypto are not new.

They embody that part of the crypto generation that uses both AI and blockchain technology to develop decentralized applications and systems.

On the one hand, blockchain is used to support the storage and transfer of data in a secure and immutable way.

On the other hand, we use Artificial Intelligence (AI), that field of computer science where we create systems that function autonomously thanks to the training of algorithms.

Concretely, what kind of applications can be found in crypto AI projects?

Although their functioning raises technical questions, we can for example find an example of application among the models of weather prediction, or finance and sports.

Using blockchain and AI in this context allows to accelerate transactions and to provide more transparency to users.

In short, elements that could be of great interest to you if you want to invest in what is and what will be the trend*.

*As such, you have certainly already heard of conversational AI chatbots such as chatGPT or Google Bard, or image generators such as Midjourney.

So let’s discover together 9 crypto AI projects that are revolutionizing the blockchain and more generally, the world of tomorrow.

Infographic blockchain and crypto AI projects decentralized systems

1/ OCEAN Protocol’s crypto AI project (OCEAN)

? Purpose: AI crypto project that enables the exchange and monetization of data between individuals and/or businesses in a secure and private way.

The protocol is built on a blockchain, which means:

  • more transparency;
  • better data traceability;
  • assurance of user privacy.

This new form of decentralized economy advocates free access to the platform’s services, reduced transaction costs and the idea that it is not necessary to go through an intermediary.

Since its creation, a few years ago, we have seen a great progression. To be seen in the long term.

Market cap:among the top 250 crypto-currencies ($980 million).

Daily exchange volume: $75 million.

2/ SingularityNET (AGIX) is building an AI ecosystem

? Purpose: The project is based on blockchain to create a decentralized and secure marketplace for Artificial Intelligence application models.

Thus, developers have access to a multitude of AI algorithms.

The idea is to invite them to contribute to the construction of an open, transparent and collaborative AI ecosystem.

On the other side, we find the users of the platform, who can benefit from the services generated as a result of the work of the developers. All of this, funded by AGI tokens.

As a reward, developers receive Loyalty Rewards.

Market cap: $314 million.

Daily trading volume: $1.5 million.

3/ Fetch.ai (FET) for AI and connected objects

? The purpose: using blockchain technology, Fetch.ai wants to build the application universe of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT or connected objects).

Let’s also add this other foundation, which is to facilitate transactions and exchanges between users, thanks to autonomous agents.

These are created by developers, and made autonomous using machine learning.

Thus, they can make decisions independently to perform specific tasks.

In the end, we must have in mind the image of the concrete application of AI in our society (e.g. finance, logistics, smart cities, health…etc).

To use the platform, you will have to pay in FET and in return you will have the right to take part in decisions concerning the platform.

Market cap: $132 million.

Daily trading volume: $6 million.

4/ Numeraire (NMR) for prediction models

? Purpose: development of Artificial Intelligence prediction models to predict movements on sports results, weather or financial performance …etc.

To do this, Numeraire will use, on the one hand, the techniques of machine learning (automatic learning) techniques. This is intended to improve predictions.

On the other hand, the project will rely on the blockchain to both: secure the data transaction; ensure their traceability; guarantee the confidentiality of users.

Another great example of a crypto AI project on creating a decentralized marketplace for prediction services.

Market cap: $41 million.

Daily trading volume: $3.5 million.

5/ DeepBrain Chain (DBC) and decentralized AI markets

? Purpose : DeepBrain seeks to address several issues encountered in centralized AI markets.

Thus, in the context of a decentralized market, and without questioning the security of AI markets, DeepBrain manages to reduce service costs.

Blockchain will also be used to ensure the transparency of exchanges, while protecting the confidentiality of users.

To access DeepBrain’s AI services, you’ll need DBC tokens.

Market cap: $19 million.

Daily trading volume: $500,000.

6/ Galeon (GALEON), medical AI and machine learning

? Purpose: Galeon is presenting itself as the solution in terms of medical AI for the next few years.

On the security aspect, in the storage and transfer of medical data, Galeon uses its own blockchain.

With the precision that patient data are kept by health professionals and researchers in respect of consent.

There is also the use of AI in combination with blockchain swarm learning technology.

The idea is to be able to use medical data efficiently and to advance research.

To invest in the project, simply choose one of the solutions available on the website:

The strength of the project lies both in the support of its community (notably composed of people from the medical field), and the very topical subject of medical AI and the future of healthcare.

7/ Iagon (IAG ) and its decentralized marketplace

? Purpose: Iagon wants to create the decentralized marketplace in data storage, and all using blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

To ensure that this storage is of high quality, the project also uses machine learning to optimize data processing; and networks of decentralized nodes to ensure the scalability of the platform.

In this organization, we find the different actors:

  • Those who provide storage capacity, the storage providers;
  • And those who will use this storage capacity, the storage consumers.

In addition to this collaboration, users can benefit from other AI services such as machine learning, data analysis, etc. In short, data-driven operations that are optimized.

Market cap: $2.5 million.

Daily trading volume: $10,000.

8/ Cortex (CTXC)

? Purpose: allows platform users to benefit from AI services and other tools such as machine learning especially to improve prediction models (e.g.: that we use in image recognition, text classification or fraud detection…etc).

The blockchain side ensures security, user privacy and transparency of the data exchanged on the platform.

The most of this AI project? Make available resources such as machine learning to enable developers to accelerate the development of their AI models, while reducing transaction costs.

Market cap: $49 million.

Daily trading volume: $6 million.

9/ Exec RLC (RLC), the meeting between developers

? Purpose : This blockchain optimizes the meeting between developers to create and exchange AI models. All this, against a backdrop of exchanging computing services.

Again, blockchain is used to ensure security, transparency and privacy for users.

Market cap: $384 million.

Daily trading volume: $38 million.


It should be noted that the crypto market is highly volatile and crypto-currency prices can fluctuate significantly based on market supply and demand, as well as external factors (e.g., government regulations; blockchain and/or Artificial Intelligence related news).

Therefore, it is important to be cautious when investing in crypto-currency projects and to conduct a thorough study before making any investment decision.

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