Promote your Hospital

Increase your revenues by up to 10% with the recruitment of new patients.

Virtual visit of the Maternity

Promote your services and the assets of the hospital. Patients can get a first glimpse of where they want to give birth.

Pre-evaluation medical questionnaires

Save your medical teams time in the maternity with medical questionnaires that pregnant women can fill out from home.

With Galeon, I can follow my pregnancy month by month, while having quality medical information. I can also download my pregnancy file at any time. What do I love most? The online birth plan! No more paper files.


Future Mum

Therapeutic Education

Engage your patients in monitoring their pregnancy. They have access to a library of medical knowledge validated by doctors and caregivers on all the questions they ask themselves on a daily basis.

Workshops and online birth plan

Pregnant women can define their birth plan and choose the workshops they wish to attend in line with the services offered by the maternity.

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