Save time, optimize your operating room

Galeon is the anesthesiologist's control tower, allowing you to be in control of the entire patient journey.

Pre-Assessment Medical Questionnaires

Save 3 to 4 minutes per visit with a pre-filled patient questionnaire.

Automatic calculation of anaesthesia risk scores

Thanks to our data structuring engine associated with automatic scores, it has never been easier to follow the latest recommendations of the SFAR.

"The time we saved was saved by the patient."

Dr Ghossen Hamdi


Optimize patient flow

Stay on top of everything that happens in the operating room at all times. With the right information at the right time, you can better anticipate risky situations and increase operating room occupancy rates.

Give meaning to your data

Visualise your key management indicators using our "Data Driven Manager" interface. Conduct large-scale studies to advance medicine.

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