Galeon National Electronic Health Record

The Galeon National EHR allows governments to build their health policy based on the reality on the ground, to protect patients' confidentiality, to measure the effect of their policy, and to usher in the era of sovereign health AI.

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Galeon National EHR to steer an entire countries' health

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the weaknesses of health systems.

Galeon National EHR offers governments an accurate and instantaneous view of the population's health status. In addition to being a crisis management tool, the Galeon National EHR enables the construction of long-term health policies and the monitoring of their effects.

Galeon National EHR helps health systems climb in international rankings.

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Galeon National EHR protects citizens' data

Hospitals are prime targets for cyberattacks.

Galeon, a cyberdefense expert, has been awarded twice for its Hacker Defense Protection® at CES Las Vegas, has enabled hospitals it equips to withstand major attacks: it has prevented data leaks and allowed for the continuation of care as normal.

With Galeon National EHR, your health data hosted in your country is protected by your laws and our expertise.

Galeon is an EHR expert

Galeon's highly structured Electronic Health Record is deployed in about ten hospitals and has withstood several major cyberattacks.

Through its mastery of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), Galeon is particularly well-positioned for the National Electronic Health Record.

Towards data-based Medicine leadership

Personalized medicine, predictive medicine, development of new treatments through AI, statistical measurements of treatment effectiveness: innovation in health is in big data.

A country cannot become a leader in medicine without data mastery.

The National Galeon File gives you control over the data.

Galeon National EHR enables you to train medical AI

We enable healthcare professionals and researchers to envision and create the future tools of care by easily conducting statistics.

Our statistical research modules have the potential to increase the number of scientific publications by at least tenfold.

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