Discover the first Healthcare Blockchain Ecosystem

The first healthcare cryptocurrency, giving patients back the power over their health data while improving medical research.


Enhancing the value of health data

Galeon's Patient Record data structuring engine allows the use of patient's medical data that has been consented to.

Each patient who gives consent for the use of his or her health data to improve research can vote for future non-profit research funded by the DAO.


Supporting research with blockchain

DAO represents patients worldwide and supports medical research by funding non-profit projects with major impact for the good of humanity.

It operates under a Decentralized Autonomous Organization on the Blockchain to empower patients and $GALEON token holders to choose future innovations to support.

Galeon is daily tool that saves me time. With its use adapted to my daily practice and its automation features, I can spend more medical time with my patients.

Justine Paineau Rimaud


Community Launchpad

Thanks to its community of over 40,000 investors, Galeon supports the best projects to help them raise funds in cryptocurrency (ICO).

The projects supported by the community benefit from the Galeon platform and its expertise (smart contracts, staking, marketing, CB payment etc...)


Become an actor of this revolution

Discover our platform and enter the Healthcare Ecosystem on the Blockchain :
- Participate in Staking programs (long-term savings on blockchain)
- Invest in the selected ICOs
- Vote for future research to be funded