Galeon's Electronic Health Record

Galeon's Electronic Health Record (EHR) secures and hyper-structures medical data.

Its optimized interface streamlines the work of healthcare professionals.

The Galeon EHR connects hospitals and unleashes the potential for medical research.

The Galeon EHR secures health data

Patient health data is extremely valuable and confidential.

Galeon utilizes state-of-the-art cyber defense techniques (Galeon Hacker Defense Protection®, twice awarded at CES 2024), undergoes annual audits by Orange Cyberdefense, and is hosted on HDS-certified servers.

The Galeon EHR hyper-structures health data

Our proprietary structuring engine utilizes AI to organize data. Galeon enables precise monitoring of the patient's health status and hospital operations. 

Galeon EHR allows for improved patient care and better hospital management, as seen in hospitals such as Caen University Hospital, Rouen University Hospital, South Île-de-France Hospital Center, and other hospitals already equipped with it.

Galeon is a professional tool that saves me time. With its features tailored to my daily practice and its automation capabilities, I can spend more medical time with my patients.

Justine Paineau Rimaud


The Galeon EHR is easy to use and deploy

Thanks to its SaaS model, Galeon deployment takes just a few months instead of several years. Updates are instantaneous.

Our users say it themselves: doctors, midwives, nurses, administrative staff, secretaries, ...— Galeon saves them time and energy that they can dedicate to essential tasks.

Because it is interoperable, the Galeon EHR connects all hospital roles.

The Galeon EHR connects hospitals

Galeon EHR is already in use in hospital groups and can be integrated at the regional or national level (Population Health Management).

The Galeon EHR unleashes the power of AI

The structured data, security, hospital connectivity, and user-friendliness enable users to envision and create the tools of tomorrow's healthcare.

Galeon EHR makes medical research easy and secure. Our research modules have the potential to at least tenfold the number of scientific publications from the hospital.

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