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5 impactful crypto projects to invest in!

impactful project


Want to invest in impactful crypto projects that really make sense?

Investing for blockchain for good is the best way to generate passive, long-term income while doing social good in your own way.

But what do we mean by impact crypto projects?

These are all Good for Humanity projects, which combine both technologies like blockchain, AI and connected objects (IoT).

These companies seek to solve problems specific to our society, particularly in agriculture, ecology, social-economic issues or health ... etc..

For example, it may be a question of financing a new technology capable of preventing ecological disasters; or of re-establishing the traceability of food products in order to limit waste...etc.

There are many examples, but we have chosen for you 5 impactful crypto projects that integrate the blockchain for good movement.

impactful project

1/ Crypto and supply chain projects with AgriChain 

In the field of supply-chain, AI and blockchain projects find their full use. And even more so, in the agri-food sector.

According to the Compound annual growth rate, it would seem that the increase in blockchain innovations within the agricultural sector reaches 47.8%.

We would go from $41.2 million in 2017 to $430 million in 2023 (Average Annual Growth Rate).

Carrefour Bio recently made a step in April 2022 and began tracking its organic products on the blockchain.

The interests of blockchain for the supply (and agri-food)? 

  • Limiting cases of fraud with more transparency on the origin and processing of products. 
  • Simplification of transactions between the producer and the final distributor.
  • Reduction of food waste with the possibility of identifying erroneous products in the same batch. 

The project selected: AgriChain

The Australian company AgriChain was founded thanks to the collaboration of various players in the agri-food sector. 

The goal: to be the reference platform for the agricultural supply chain by connecting all the links in the chain thanks to blockchain (from the producer to the consumer). 

The platform aims to connect and transfer all necessary information between all participants in the supply chain.

Thus, on the one hand, we can improve the time to market products, while reducing the cost and losses during the various processes. 

Other projects? AgriLedger for product traceability and protection of local producers; TE-FOOD for identification of products, packaging and means of transport (...).

impactful projects & field

2/ The "insurance" blockchain with Etherisc

Take the previous example with agriculture, which is one of those sectors where the need for blockchain and AI projects is more than necessary.

As an example, a blockchain that predicts the results of the next harvest based on weather conditions.

Combine that with an insurance-like blockchaind that can take on the risk of loss from those crops.

How does this differ from current insurance? 

  • Transparency on the guarantees defined via smart-contracts
  • Promote access to insurance services, especially in underprivileged countries or those plagued by natural disasters (especially with global warming issues).
  • Improve the efficiency of reimbursements.

The project selected: Etherisc 

Don't be mistaken, Etherisc is not a decentralized insurance. The project identifies itself as a platform that brings together various insurance players and products.

The goal: the idea is to get out of the traditional way and dominated by insurance companies.

Insurers and insureds share the same vision of risk and cases of force majeure.

They agree on the costs of contributions and transactions.

Cases of application ? Crop insurance product in case of bad weather, air flight delay, insurance for the death of a community member (...).

By decentralizing insurance services through blockchain, we restore the primary interest of insurance to the insureds contributing to the same plan.

impactful projects & insurance

3/ Ecology, blockchain and KlimaDAO

Acting against global warming thanks to blockchain? Isn't it paradoxical? 

Blockchain can work in an ecological interest.

  • The blockchain allows to manage the storage and distribution of energy in an intelligent and secure way at the local scale.
  • More transparency on the consumption and energy certification of each beneficiary.
  • Reward system (virtual or real), for the "good consumer".

The project selected: KlimaDAO

The project's slogan is "decentralized finance (DeFi) that challenges climate change".

Pretty promising, but let's look in detail at the services of this impactful crypto project.

How it works: the token is backed by a real carbon asset.

KLIMA token holders get back rewards based on their investments.

These being reinvested in a green economy or other types of environmental assets. 

In short: you help finance projects that either reduce carbon emissions or offset them.

impactful projects & climate

4/ Crypto projects in health with Galeon 

Health is one of the pillars of sustainable development.

It is an integral part of the blockchain for good movement.

And what better example than Galeon to showcase the blockchain revolution in this area? 

How can blockchain be used for healthcare? 

  • Optimize the transfer and structuring of medical data.
  • Enable collaboration between data collectors (IoT, laboratories, clinical trials, etc.) and healthcare professionals. 
  • Ensure the protection and use of patient data which are extremely sensitive.

Blockchain and medical AI with Galeon

Galeon's strength comes from the fact that its team is partly composed of people from the profession (anesthesiologist, nurse, pharmacist).

They are therefore familiar with the problems encountered in our healthcare systems.

By investing in Galeon, you become an ambassador for a crypto project with a long-term impact on healthcare. 

Among other things, the project is developing its own blockchain to secure the medical data of each patient.

Galeon + ? Today blockchain, tomorrow medical AI.

Galeon wants to become the reference platform for medical AI to help research and advance medicine.

impactful projects & health

5/ The humanitarian crypto projects with Building Blocks 

We finish this ranking of impactful crypto projects in the humanitarian field.

Yes, blockchain for good can also have an impact within various humanitarian associations.

This manifests itself on actions in the field as well as outside: 

  • Traceability of donations from the moment of donation to the actual use (transparency +).
  • Anticipation and better management of risks encountered in case of disasters or other. 
  • Improving information transactions in a secure manner.

The project selected ? Building Blocks

Building Blocks is the humanitarian project founded by the UN World Food Programme. It describes itself as the largest humanitarian blockchain project today.

The concept: to facilitate access to humanitarian aid to people affected by conflicts, disasters or the aftermath of events related to global warming.

Already active in several countries, the platform gives transparency to actions, which donors sometimes struggle to see the real use.

Another project? Disberse allows to track donations for a better use.

impactful projects & humanitarian


Want to be part of the blockchain for good movement? Health, agriculture, ecology, humanitarian (...).

There are many opportunities to invest in impact crypto projects. Do not hesitate to go and learn more about these projects.

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