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7 pillars of sustainable crypto investing

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Investing in a sustainable crypto doesn’t necessarily require experience in the business, at least, it’s necessary to take a step back on several points.

Beyond the research aspect of determining which cryptos are promising in the coming months and years, there are a few key elements that will give you confidence in an emerging project.

The question is: what makes a crypto-currency sustainable?

To ensure the solidity and longevity of promising crypto, here are a few important elements.

1/ Sustainable crypto with solid technology

It is supported by robust, innovative technology. We add to this a secure architecture, scalability to meet growing demand and features that meet real user needs.

crypto durable solid base architecture

2/ Widespread use of durable crypto

Widespread use and, what’s more, widespread adoption. A sustainable crypto needs these elements to be viable over the long term. If it succeeds in creating an ecosystem where users, merchants and businesses accept it as a means of payment, this reinforces its value and sustainability.

3/ The power of community

To grow a crypto’s reputation, you need an active community. By “active”, we mean: a community engaged on a daily basis. As a leverage effect, the project does everything in its power to consolidate the ecosystem on which users rely, in particular by resolving potential problems. In fact, it’s this community that supports crypto during periods of Bear or Bull Market.

sustainable crypto solid community

4/ Focus on security when developing a crypto

Security is paramount to sustainable crypto. Logically, too, since we need to think about the community of investors who have confidence in the project. Hence the need for robust security measures to protect funds from hacking or attacks.

5/ Maintaining transparency throughout the project process

This transparency is expected both in operations and in the surrounding environment. Key information, such as governance, protocol updates and transactions, must be publicly accessible. Feel free to consult the White Paper.


6/ Continuous innovation to adapt to the crypto market

A good crypto project is one that constantly innovates and updates crypto’s functionality and foundations.

The market undergoes regular changes, sometimes expected, sometimes unexpected. That’s why it’s so important to keep abreast of the latest technological advances, so that you can offer continuous improvements to remain competitive and relevant over the long term.

7/ Taking external regulations into account

While this is not the purview of crypto projects, you should always be aware of government regulations and policies. The latter can have a significant impact on a crypto’s lifespan.

Why should Galeon be considered a “good crypto” for the long term?

crypto durable buy back burn hopital

Galeon is a promising long-term crypto for all these reasons. Solid technology that adapts to maintain a secure architecture with a community that’s growing day by day.

The Galeon ecosystem is an environment based on a single objective: Good for Humanity. that makes sense. Health concerns us all, and improving hospital operations contributes to it. One example is the Buy back & burn concept, which diversifies the way hospitals are financed.

Finally, Galeon remains transparent about the direction of the project. AMAs are organized on a regular basis to keep users abreast of the latest functionalities and the progress of service rollouts in a given territory.

The purpose of this article is above all to simplify technical concepts related to crypto-currency, in order to make them accessible to everyone. These words engage only their author. It is not intended to advise the reader on his investments.

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