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Afnor’s HDS & ISO 27001 certifications delivery: why is it so important?

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A revolution in the Healthcare Data Security landscape thanks to AI

In the ever-changing and complex world of healthcare, Galeon has the ambition to combine artificial intelligence & blockchain with healthcare data security. The idea behind here is to protect both patients and hospitals. Galeon has been committed for over seven years to pushing the boundaries of medicine using cutting-edge technologies.

No need to say that our current healthcare sector faces different challenges, such as the working conditions of healthcare professionals, the financial constraints found in hospitals and lack of resources or the increased threats of cyberattacks. In that context, Galeon’s innovative solution brings here a ray of hope. It secures and efficiently hyper-structures sensitive hospital data through an intuitive and advanced Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

This EHR tool allows the confidential storage of:

  • Medical histories, 
  • Lab results, 
  • Diagnosis, 
  • Treatments,
  • Allergies, 
  • And much more. 

It has been so far already adopted by twelve French hospitals. Its aim is to connect all hospital services together on a national and international scale, thus providing unprecedented interoperability between them.

Afnor Group certified Galeon with HDS & ISO 27001 norms

Enhancing security is part of Galeon’s essential technology features. Indeed, as said above, the very main goal is clear: protecting the patient by securing his data, of course with his consent.

To specifically answer this need, Galeon ensures:

  • rigorous data access control, 
  • automatic backups, 
  • and advanced encryption to protect data against cyber threats. 

It’s a fact: when a cyberattack happens, Galeon has already proven its ability to maintain hospital operations thanks to its HDP® (Hacker Defense Protection® system). In case of a local security system intrusion, the software switches to SAFE MODE. However, caregivers can still save lives and do their job. Patients do not have to be moved from a hospital to another. Galeon has also been rewarded at 2024 CES with 3 Innovations Awards, including the Innovation Award for Cybersecurity and Privacy. 

So, Galeon has always been committed to ensuring the protection and confidentiality of healthcare data in an uncompromising way. It is considered as a trusted partner for healthcare professionals and for that reason, it has received HDS and ISO 27001 certifications in last December by the Afnor Group (the French Association in charge of Normalisation).

At the heart of this initiative lies the use of artificial intelligence on structured and large-scale health data, combined with a decentralized collaborative network called Blockchain Swarm Learning® on which IAs are trained. This innovative approach guarantees data security and integrity while preventing any unauthorized copying attempts.

Let’s recall that Galeon was already following a very strict confidentiality and security process, helped by HDS partners that were audited by Orange Security. Afnor have audited the tech company, covering a large amount of aspects (technical, regulatory and practical ones). This certification shows Galeon has a legitimate partner, able to maintain the highest standards in terms of security and privacy for healthcare information.

Why being HDS & ISO 27001 certified is so important?

Both certifications have important meanings.

  • The HDS certification (Hébergeur de Données de Santé) is provided by the Afnor Group (Association Française de Normalisation). It plays a crucial role for healthcare data in France. It is designed for entities that monitor sensitive data, such as hospitals (of course), healthcare or software providers.
    Basically, its core objective is to verify that all those entities comply with strict security and privacy standards established by French regulations (spécificaly those outlined in the French Public Health Code (Code de la Santé Publique). These standards are aimed at protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of health data throughout its lifecycle, from collection to storage and transmission.The audit all entities have to go through evaluates various aspects, including access controls, data encryption, backup procedures, staff training, and incident management processes.
  • Regarding the ISO 27001 norm, it is an internationally recognized framework for information security management systems (ISMS). It provides a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information, ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Some of its key roles are as followed:

    – Establishing an Information Security Management System (ISMS)
    – Risk Management approach
    – Legal and Regulatory Compliance
    – Enhanced Customer Confidence…
    – And more.

With those 2 certifications, Galeon ‘officially’ answers ethical imperatives met in medicine, embodying the power of technological innovation in the medical field. By unlocking the potential of AI, the company is paving the way for a safer, more efficient, and collaborative healthcare system.

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