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Galeon won 3 awards for its EHR that harnesses AI for patient care

Galeon's Electronic Health Record secures and hyper-structures patient data.

Galeon has won three  awards for data protection and the absolute respect of the patient's will.

Galeon uses blockchain security to unleash the power of AI innovation for the patient.

They trust us

Tomorrow, caregivers will develop AIs to provide personalized medical care for everyone.

To achieve this, the Galeon Electronic Health Record is secure, hyper-structured, easy to use, and can be connected between hospitals and across the entire country (Galeon's National Electronic Health Record system).

This network is protected, confidential, and ethical.

Galeon Hacker Defense Protection® is a module that has been awarded twice for the Galeon EHR and PHM. It ensures service continuity in the event of a cyberattack.

Award for 
Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy, 

Award for

Human Security For All 

Web3 and Metaverse Technologies Award

Galeon uses blockchain to decentralize medical AIs' training.

- Blockchain Swarm Learning® is Galeon's proprietary framework for conducting AI research on data while preserving confidentiality and security.

- Galeon's NFT donor card, in partnership with France Adot (the French federation of organ and tissue donation associations), Addiction Agency, and Sooyoos, awarded by CES, protects an organ donor's choice on the blockchain. (click here to make your NFT card).

-$GALEON is the utility token at the heart of the ecosystem representing the value of health data.