Discover crypto DAO projects (2/2)

We meet again in this second part of the DAO crypto projects, in order to identify this time, the promising projects for the next years.

As a reminder, a DAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation, where decisions are taken collectively by its members who all have an equal vote.

crypto DAO projects partie 2

In a crypto DAO project, the people funding the project hold tokens and are usually called holders. Their investments allow them to generate passive income.

They then have voting rights and can help make decisions on the status of the project, the distribution of funds, vesting/listing opportunities and overall, all the elements that can define the parameters of the crypto DAO.

Today, hundreds of crypto DAO projects are emerging, covering every conceivable idea: music, streaming, DeFi, gaming, tourism or even health like Galeon.

Here is a list of some of the DAO crypto projects that have potential for the next few years and are already making news. For each one, we will study their interests, their objectives and their functioning.

DAO part 2 2

1/ Uniswap crypto DAO protocol

We already talked about it in our previous articles, Uniswap and its UNI token and unicorn. As its name suggests, Uniswap protocol is a trading protocol, a DeFi.

The aim is to facilitate crypto-currency trading. Its UNI token (an ERC-20) has one of the most important market cap* in the token economy.

*Market Cap: this indicator is used to evaluate the market capitalization of a crypto, and therefore, to evaluate its value compared to other crypto-currencies.

If you want to secure your investments for the long term, Uniswap is definitely the DEX (decentralized exchange platform) you can rely on.


2/ Galeon, a crypto DAO for the benefit of health

Galeon is not only a way to invest in the long term, especially with the different staking programs, but it is also, above all, a Good For Humanity project.

Galeon provides a real solution for hospitals to enable the sharing and rapid processing of patient data.

The primary goal? To optimise the operation of healthcare institutions.

Galeon builds an ecosystem in the form of a DAO to enable collective decision-making and governance without the intervention of a central authority.

Galeon token holders and patients can choose which research projects to fund. Note here that the $GALEON token has 3 use cases:

  • governance,
  • fuel for the private blockchain between hospitals,
  • and a means of payment for hospitals.
Concours Crypto

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3/ Merit Circle for gaming

In a completely different atmosphere, Merit Circle's crypto DAO specialises in gaming, including innovations in the metaverse and educational content.

The founders describe the project as a DAO around which other DAO projects revolve.

The community decides to carry this or that project and to invest by means of the $MC token.

The idea is that, depending on the popularity of a project, the holders earn more rewards.

The plus? A marketplace dedicated to NFT and support for gaming projects that have been brought to life by the community.

The platform has all the necessary information and the founders are completely transparent about the functioning of the project as a whole.

Merit Circle

4/ Sputnik DAO crypto

Launched in 2021, the Sputnik DAO crypto project presents itself as a "DAO hub". Around 250 DAO projects are already using the platform.

The primary objective of Sputnik DAO is to make it easier for DAO communities to organise themselves and communicate. This is true both within the project and between projects.

The observation being that it is never possible to satisfy 100% all the expectations of each member of a community. Differences exist and this is why the solution was to rely on communication.

As for the projects themselves, they are related to finance, education or, on a smaller scale, local communities.

On the interface, everything happens on the NEAR forum where you can see the proposals made by this or that community member, and the number of votes, as well as the final decision if accepted or not.

Sputnik DAO is similar to a platform that would bring together the different general assemblies if these DAOs were companies or other legal entities.

It strengthens the dialogue between communities and also allows them to interact with each other.

Sputnik DAO

5/ InsureDeFi, the DAO crypto insurance

One word to summarize Insure DeFi: security. This is the first slogan that appears on the landing page "secure your crypto portfolio".

It also includes in its ecosystem: DeFi, NFT and Metaverse.

The aim of this DAO is to provide stability and above all, security for investors against hacking, scams, in order to limit the risks of having their funds stolen.

Think of this platform as the decentralised insurance of crypto-currencies. Of course, we advise you to read the whole project carefully. The protection will never be 100%.

In any case, this DAO project is innovative in the sense that insurance companies have not yet conceived the idea of being able to protect digital asset portfolios.

The interface is very well structured, different programs exist and the steps to follow are very well laid out.

Insure Defi

6/ The GoodDAO by GoodDollar Governance

To understand the concept of The GoodDAO, one must first understand that of GoodDollar.

The members present themselves as philanthropists working for the good of all with this concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI).

The GoodDAO is nothing more or less than the interpretation of the original DAO concept: a decentralised organisation where each member holding one or more GOOD tokens has the possibility to vote on decisions.

Note that only those holding more than 0.25% of GOOD can make proposals.

Concerning the UBI, the idea is quite crazy and yet, so actual. Based on the principle that everyone should be able to support themselves, a decentralised universal income could address these inequalities.

Apart from this, the project addresses the issue of banks and the need to give power back to individuals.

In particular, in some countries where access to different services is lacking.

As you can see, the project is beautiful and deserves special attention.

Good DAO

7/ Busy DAO for decentralised freelancing

Once again, a DAO crypto concept that provides a solution to a problem encountered by most freelancers, that of taxes and commissions that impact their income.

As you can see, Busy DAO's universe would be this decentralised platform where freelancers could finally generate profits, without having to pay commissions to the usual platforms.

And the platform doesn't stop there, as it also targets marketplaces, small businesses and their funding, charity events, crowdfunding...etc.

To understand more about the technology used, we advise you to go and see the presentation video available on their website.

What is certain is that the promises are great and freelancers expect a lot from this DAO.

Busy DAO

LBonus: some original crypto DAOs

There are hundreds of decentralised projects. While some present solutions to problems encountered by most people, others simply seek to gather a community of fans.

This is the case of the Spice DAO project, which seeks to finance their project to adapt Dune into an animated version.

Another example is The Krause House project, which brings together basketball and NBA fans, with the aim of creating an NBA team that is totally funded by the DAO.

The world of DAOs is fascinating and we are sure to see more and more concepts being created using this funding model. 

The purpose of this article is above all to simplify technical concepts related to crypto-currency, in order to make them accessible to all. These words therefore only commit their author. It is not intended to advise the reader on his investments.

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