Control Coronavirus Pandemic in your country

Why choose the Corona Control platform?

  • Population triage and management
  • Emergency management coordinators 
  • Real-time statistics and data analytics

National Coronavirus Management Platform

Contain Coronavirus quickly with dedicated tools for patients and caregivers. Real-time strategic planning with our Data-Driven Manager interface.

Population triage and management

Our triage algorithm allows to identify and classify :

  • Grade 1: Stable patient (14-day follow-up)
  • Grade 2: Symptomatic patient (Lower complexity care)
  • Grade 3: High risk patient (Need of complex care)

Dynamic regulation

Real-time piloting of territorial resources for different levels of patient care.

  • Listing of patients to be seen according to their grade
  • Automatic reminder of tasks to be performed
  • Automatic and continuous re-evaluation of grades

Coronavirus Patient Record

Standardized and regular consultation of possible or confirmed cases of Coronavirus. Patient record shared between all the actors involved in the patient's care (cloud platform).

Data Driven Manager

Monitor the health response to the outbreak hour by hour.
View and analyze data in real time:

  • Key indicators by city, cluster, department and region
  • Graph exploration of contact and co-exhibited cases
  • Heat map data visualisation for Coronavirus contamination

"Galeon's entire team is dedicated to help countries fighting the COVID-19 pandemic."

Dr Loïc Brotons

CEO Galeon - Anaesthetist

Fight misinformation

Inform and train the population throughout the crisis with the Public Health Portal.
Teach protection measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

An all-in-one solution

Galeon is tailored to the needs of each chain link

  • Patient
  • City Caregivers
  • Hospital Caregivers
  • Paramedics / Medical regulation
  • Regional Instance
  • Government

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